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However, the push and take down of the episodes was intentional on Cartoon Network’s part.

A Cartoon Network representative confirmed to Polygon that the episodes will be available on the app from Nov.

10 through to the show’s premiere on television, though they could not give further details on when in December the show would air. Earlier this year, five episodes appeared and disappeared on the app so quickly and with so little explanation from Cartoon Network that they were roundly assumed to have been leaked.

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Greg and Steven are walking with a cardboard cut-out of Greg advertising summer waxing. Greg is prompted to make a New Years resolution to organize the storage unit.Greg agrees, puts in the tape, and the intro for Li'l Butler rolls.Steven wants to get back to cleaning, but Greg doesn't, and stays with Amethyst to keep watching.Greg realizes he's missing the fireworks and tries to leave, but Amethyst shapeshifts into Steven as she tries to convince him to stay. Amethyst tries to cheer him up by shapeshifting into Greg. Greg gets angry at her and yells at her, saying that he can't stay and humor her, and that he wants to see the fireworks with Steven.Amethyst becomes mad, changes back, and brings up how she had someone that used to be there for her until she started hanging out with Greg.Steven then brings Amethyst over to try and clean it up.

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