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FBME’s top-flight lawyers at Hogan Lovells and Quinn Emanuel continued acting for their paymasters with full-throated vigour, fighting on behalf of the bank’s owners to gag the two detectives and withhold their findings from government investigators in the US and Cyprus.

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FBME Bank had been accused by the US government of allowing money laundering on a vast scale for terrorists, drug traffickers, repressive dictators, organised crime groups, and financiers for the Syrian regime – and now it faced being barred from using the dollar.

The lion’s share of the bank’s business came from highly secretive Russian clients who relied on FBME to funnel their money into the global financial system without asking too many questions – and the dollar ban threatened to destroy it with a single stroke.

Burck initially advised the bank’s owners to mount a sweeping internal inquiry and consider approaching the US Department of Justice after the private investigators laid out their findings – and he clashed with Hogan Lovells after discovering the firm intended to obscure the discovery of Khachatryan’s forged degree certificate from Fin CEN.

The bank’s owners responded by sidelining Quinn Emanuel at the same time as they ousted Brown and Leighton.

They had been assured the compliance chief was the woman to ask for anything they needed to prove FBME’s affairs were in perfect order.

But now Brown and Leighton were demanding information about a particularly problematic network of accounts – belonging to a gun-loving porn baron they suspected of running a massive credit card scam through FBME.

Along the way they touted reports from the global accounting giants KPMG and Ernst & Young to demonstrate that FBME was an upstanding financial institution.

Much of Fin CEN’s evidence remains sealed in classified documents that have never been made public – but now the explosive secrets Brown and Leighton were on the cusp of exposing are revealed in a massive cache of leaked documents from inside the bank.

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