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Blandt andet derfor er der endnu ingen, der har bygget en kvantecomputer, som for alvor kan give almindelige computere baghjul.

Men nu har forskere fra Center For Quantum Devices (QDev) på Niels Bohr Institutet ved Københavns Universitet fundet ud af, hvordan man kan gøre kvantebit mere robuste.

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Of those two sensors, one detects temperature, the other is an electronic pressure gauge.

Data from the group pressure sensor in combination with readings from a flow meter at the pump are what allow the machine to interpret when preinfusion has maxed out.

Han har ikke selv haft noget med eksperimentet at gøre, men har læst den videnskabelige artikel, og han synes, det ser rigtig spændende ud.

»Majorana-partiklen er sjov, fordi den er sin egen antipartikel.

Rather, he’s hoping that the sheer litany of advanced features, its performance in the demos he’s currently conducting on a West Coast tour, and that its co-designer is renowned coffee luminary Scott Rao will set the stage for swift adoption and embrace by the very demanding home and professional espressosphere. The basic model, which counts an intuitive touchscreen tablet interface and connectivity, pressure profiling, advanced steam-generating technology and the machine’s purportedly “rock solid” temperature stability among its long list of features, will retail for $999.

That’s well below the typical price point of a high-end home or prosumer espresso option, and within striking distance of the consumer middle-ground.

Although if the goal is to mimic the temperature and pressure profiles of other classic electronic or manual-lever machines, a menu of presets in the Decent tablet software comes preprogrammed to do that, too.

The intense steam power, preceded only by Slayer on the professional scene and totally unprecedented on the home front, is achieved by the second thermocoil, which runs at 330F. The Decent’s espresso capabilities, according to Buckman, approach the level of what’s achieved on professional equipment that runs even pricier.

Her en nanotråden (grøn) belagt med et tynd lag aluminium (blåt) forbundet til elektroder, som gør det muligt for fysikerne at måle på Majorana-tilstandene i den. (Billede: Nature) En kvantecomputer kan løse visse former for beregninger langt hurtigere end almindelige computere.

Nogle matematiske problemer, der ville tage en konventionel computer milliarder af år at løse, vil kunne klares på minutter eller sekunder i en computer, der er baseret på kvantemekanik.

For near-instantaneous accuracy and stability of water temperature, a boiler of sorts keeps water at 150F at all times, and both the machine’s two pumps draw water from it.

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