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When it came to psychological abuse, 29 percent of boys and almost 34 percent of girls said they'd been victimized at least three times.Slightly more than 14 percent of boys and 12 percent of girls said they'd been sexually victimized that many times.The researchers found that some patterns varied by age.

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"I'd be cautious about interpreting the age-related findings," she said.

"You need to follow the same kids over time to see whether their behavior changes." Reidy said more research is needed to confirm the current findings, which were published online Jan. But for now, he said, adults need to be aware that dating violence affects girls and boys -- and it starts at an early age.

Schools are probably the best place to reach kids, Reidy said.

And parents, of course, have a "big role," he added.

"These kids need help in learning what a healthy relationship is," Swahn said.

"And right now, we have very limited resources for them." Reidy agreed.They also admitted inflicting physical injuries on a dating partner more often than older boys did.But Swahn said it's not clear what to make of those patterns, since the study did not follow kids over time. While the immediate impact might be humiliation and/or physical pain, young people who experience abuse are more likely to be in physical fights or bring weapons to school.They might exhibit higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse as well as high-risk sexual behaviors."Parents and pediatricians may underestimate how common dating violence is, and how often boys are victims," said Swahn, who was not involved in the study. But the new study conflicts with those findings, said lead researcher Dennis Reidy, of the division of violence prevention at the U. Regardless, he added, the study points out that boys can be victims, too.

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