The adulterous woman by albert camus tiff file merger online dating

Janine looks herself still a very attractive woman although she already in a mature way and also remembers her adolescence.The raising action of the story starts from a French soldier starts to looking at Janine.

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”(Oak Harbor, 2007) Exile and the Kingdom, I think this is a strange, excellent and brief book.

Actually there are also other strange stories: like Haruki Murakami’s Sleeping Woman, Blind Willow, etc.

No meaningful life, even still alive, these are nothing to worthwhile before.

In the story The Adulterous Woman, also exposited the philosophy of existentialism’s significant.

Man can go beyond this kind of nonsense by against his situation and injustice.

Camus spread his philosophy thinks and ideas through adapting the form to meaning.

After three years, he was passed away in an automobile accident in 1960.

(Source: Wikipedia, 2007) Brief summary The short story The Adulterous Woman describes one couple ‘ Marcel and Janine, they have been married for 25 years.

Introduction “Existentialism is the title of a set of philosophies that emphasizes the existence of the human being, the lack of meaning and purpose in life, and the solitude of human existence. 2007) According to research what I think is: in the philosophy existentialism, its trunk is discussed; there are two kind of life model, one is for their own lives without understanding and ignorance gives up the responsibility of the life, and another one is awakening about how they should do for the meaning of life.

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