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Your boyfriend knows that though you're laughing uproariously while he's tickling you, it doesn't mean you're having a great time but that you're being tortured. If he were a decent person, a simple "Please don't tickle me again.

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Mom is celebrating her sixth year of sobriety this month, and I am very proud of her.

She recently told me she wanted us to get together for lunch so I could fill her in on my adolescence, which she missed.

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Dear Prudence, I am currently in a relationship with a great guy.

Your mother needs to learn that since she was drunk during the years her daughter was growing up, she's lost something she simply can't get back Dear Prudence, I'm new to grown-up-style socializing.

I would like to invite about 10 friends over for a dinner party.

She was there physically but says that, due to her drinking, she has almost no memory of those years.

I was a little appalled that she would want to hash this out over lunch, so I told her that I would be more comfortable putting my thoughts in writing.

We are a charity providing a range of services to homeless and vulnerable people within London.

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