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Fast forward to Joyce Clyde Hall, owner of a family store, who changed his business model in 1906 to wholesaling postcards.

Reed references that data cruncher David Mc Candless analyzed more than 10,000 status updates on Facebook in 2010, and found that breakups began climbing at the end of November, peaking just before Christmas. The article describes some telltale signs to predict when the axe may fall, such as no physical intimacy, less chit chat in e-mails or texts, or when one partner wants the other one to change.

I contend that the primary reason National Breakup Season could even exist is that these couples weren’t practicing the principles of dating for life.

No matter how busy life becomes, nothing could be more important than true love—never sacrifice it for other pursuits.

The good news for ALL COUPLES—Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. Don’t wait and bring home the predictable cliché card and roses.

Be a virtual Valentine year round, and you will truly enjoy what it means to be Dating for Life. Valentine’s Day isn’t meant to honor somebody named Valentine. And I certainly hope you treat your partner in life with great respect and honor.

Therefore, think about the four keys in Dating for Life and honor the original Greek derivative of the word DATE (didonal) which means to honor.Finally, if your surprise works well, then maybe you’ll understand that you should never stop dating, no matter how long you’ve been together! It doesn’t take much to become a father, just some frisky spermatozoa, which actually deserves the credit for its arduous journey. has a posting that describes nine qualities in detail that make up a great father.To paraphrase: I would argue that quality #9 needs to be on top, for without supporting a partner with love, devotion and chivalry, the family unit will be stressed if not torn apart.Surprise your lover with a unique, true-to-you date.I guarantee you’ll see a weary partner come to life. It’s a quirky, American Greetings-type day for sure. Your family, colleagues, and even acquaintances matter nearly as much as a significant other. Valentine’s Day isn’t intended to be strictly for lovers. Valentine’s Day stems from a liturgical celebration of an early Christian saint named Valentinus.

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