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of Cypriot history mentions the nation under Assyrian rule.

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Cyprus gained independence after 627 BC following the death of Ashurbanipal, the last great Assyrian king.

Cemeteries from this period are chiefly rock-cut tombs.

The town of Kition, now Larnaka, recorded part of the ancient history of Cyprus on a stele that commemorated a victory by Sargon II (722–705 BC) of Assyria there in 709 BC.

Assyrian domination of Cyprus (known as Iatnanna by the Assyrians) appears to have begun earlier than this, during the reign of Tiglath-Pileser III (744–727 BC), and ended with the fall of the Neo Assyrian Empire in 609 BC, whereupon the city-kingdoms of Cyprus gained independence once more.

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They have been found, among other locations, at Tamassos, Soloi, Patriki and Trachonas.

The rock-cut 'Royal' tombs at Tamassos, built in about 600 BC, imitate wooden houses. Some graves contain the remains of horses and chariots. Pictures of Aphrodite appear on the coins of Salamis as well, demonstrating that her cult had a larger regional influence.

Cyprus figures prominently in the early history of Christianity, being the first province of Rome to be ruled by a Christian governor, in the first century, and providing a backdrop for stories in the New Testament The Ancient Greek historian Herodotus (5th century BC) claims that the city of Kourion, near present-day Limassol, was founded by Achaean settlers from Argos.

He supports the discovery of a Late Bronze Age settlement lying several kilometres from the site of the remains of the Hellenic city of Kourion, whose pottery and architecture indicate that Mycenaean settlers did indeed arrive and augment an existing population in this part of Cyprus in the twelfth century BC.

The land of Ia' is assumed to be the Assyrian name for Cyprus, and some scholars suggest that the latter may mean 'the islands of the Danaans', or Greece.

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