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There used to be huge pier there but it was long gone. The actual weight lifting area was actually about 30 X 50 feet and surrounded by a 3 foot wooden 'fence' with a wooden container on one end in which the gear was stored when no one was using it.

(All figures are estimates only.) THE TEN CENT RIDE TO MUSCLE BEACH and WAS THIS JOES FIRST?

A very expensive residence for people who have money and like to live in a beachfront building.

So I left with the hope of finding a gym that hard four walls and a ceiling and close nearby So I took a stroll and managed to see a building about two hundred yards south of the weight pit that looked like it could possibly have a weight room inside of it.

That building still exists today and is known as the Sea Castle .

But the equipment appeared to be the same as Joe made himself many years later. to drive up to the Gate and announce my presence as a big 20th Century Fox movie making fan whose family was also in the business The guard was courtious enough to listen to my two minute speal and "pretended" to make a courtesy call to some higher-up only to turn to me and say, "Sorry Bub! "Little did that Gate Guard know that years later I would be a privledged guest of that very same studio and receive the original 'score sheet' of the 20th Century Fox Fanfare. Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, the outdoor theater on Venice Beach, an the Embassy Auditorium in Downtown LA.

You gotta remember that there were no gym chains such as Golds or Worlds back then. And since bodybuilding and competitive bodybuilding were almost non-existent within the MINDS of roughly 99.9% of the US population ....

Just the facts as I personally witnessed them with my own two eye-balls. There was another kid, but older than myself, who lived across the Bay who never had a cold nor a cavity. As a kid I climbed trees and since we lived within walking distance to the Golden Gate Park, I had an unlimited number of trees to assult.

JOE, I am glad you will be reading this because I am a complete shit-head when it comes to dates, so please feel free to correct me when I screw up. I've faced worse than any piece of sporting equipment. We had a summer cabin 72 miles north of the city in an area that was inundated by some of the worlds tallest Redwood trees , but I was too damn short to reach the lowest branch and by the time I was tall enough and strong enough to make a successful attempt, one of the local, full blooded, America Indians of the region told me that only the eagles went up that high and young kids never should for that would be disrespectful So I was polite and never did climb a Redwood tree!

And the sun was starting to make an appearence through the clouds so I decided to take the easy way back to Muscle Beach.

The easy way back was an electric trolly that ran every half hour or so between Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier right along the beach-front road.

mainly because I really couldn't afford a camera nor pay for the Kodak processing fee.

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