Transplant dating

But, to make it work here in Canada, you also have to let your family know about your wishes, or even better yet have it in your will as well. if it were any of my family members, or a close friend... i wouldn't be able to see him everyday and watch him abuse it. There was a possibility I was going to have to donate a kidney for my brother when he was young.

plus my thoughts are what if my daughter had an accident /got sick and i was compatable with her and couldn't give it. I would not donate an organ to a stranger, although I would donate bone marrow, and I am in the National Bone Marrow Registry.

Well i am in the process of having tests done , along with my sisters to see who has one thats suitable that can be given to our mother.

She`s coming up to the last stages of kindey failure, she only had 1 kidney which actually developed and grew .

Also, because of DNR orders, or in some cases other special requests, it is important to have it in what is called your 'living will'.^ ^ ^ ^ A living will is different than a last will and testament, so if that's what you were talking about, then ok.

The living will is part of your health care power of attorney.

Last Wills and Testaments aren't usually even looked at until weeks after a person dies, and would be of no use for the purposes of organ donation. Actually when my husband was dying I agreed to his DNR status because he wasn't in condition to make the decision.

When he rallied a little I explained what I had done, but we'd talked about it many times before.And i was told that if i had 3 flare-ups i would have to go on kidney dialysis because by then my kidneys would be shut down and not working anymore. Which i think is one of the most wonderful things someone can do for another person. I hope it can help others who are doing the same or are thinking about donating.I had no idea what that meant so i just shrugged it off and said that would never happen to me. I think everyone should sign, and register with the organ donation program. a good friend of mine is currently on dialysis, i thought about offering one of my kidney's to him but couldn't do it. when i die i'm down for all my useable organs to be taken I would certainly donate a kidney for a family member, maybe a close friend.Of course, if you are in an accident, it won't be with you.This is why many states in the US have organ donation preferences on licenses.Interesting post indeed, though its from 2007 will go ahead give my feedbacck...

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