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The largest party has no expectation of anything, all it has is a starting point where it is closer to 61 votes in Parliament than anyone else, no more, no less.After that the rules of arithmetic kick in although you can bet that if National do not form the next Government then its sense of self entitlement and its indignation at having power taken away from it will be on display big time.The paper even reported Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn officially endorsing one of the show's contestants. Many of the contestants were reportedly chosen based off their Instagram profiles. Voyeuristically pleasing entertainment that has grown out of already established shows, such as Next Top Model, The Bachelor, Married At First Sight and Big Brother. A great big reality television beast that has emerged from the pile of trash TV we left festering in the centre of the lounge.

From first impressions, through all the awkward, heart-warming and funny moments and embarrassing mishaps to the end of the meal, paying the bill and the discussion about whether or not a second date is on the cards, we’ll be there following every move. TVNZ’s General Manager of Commissioning, Production and Acquisitions, Andrew Shaw says: “Nothing is as exciting or daunting as a first date.

We’re searching for people genuinely looking for love: men and women from a diverse mix of ages, occupations, ethnicity and sexual orientation who are currently single. It can be the trigger for a new romance — or the most excruciating evening of your life.

First Dates is not only one of the most authentic dating shows ever produced, it is addictive television that has had huge success in the UK, Australia and all around the world and we can’t wait to bring a local version to TV2." Applications for First Dates New Zealand are now open.

Head to: nz/First Dates NZ and you could be one step away from potentially meeting your perfect match. First Dates Australia has been a runaway hit across the Tasman and is coming soon to TV2.

First Dates lays bare the reality of that first meeting, capturing all of the hope and heartbreak on camera.

In this unique dating show, the couples, who are complete strangers share a meal as discreet cameras placed throughout the special First Dates restaurant will record every detail of the date from start to finish.

rocked around for two years without attracting much attention.

By all descriptions, the show sounded the same as every other reality dating show: Not overly steeped in reality, questionable and dating wise, largely unsuccessful. READ MORE: * Alice Brine: Happily stranded on UK's Love Island * TVNZ ends production of Praise Be * RIP Piha Rescue The show had been watchable on TVNZ On Demand since the end of June, but had already become the website's second most watched show behind only Shortland St.

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For fans of what Ricky Gervais termed "number movies" (Seven Samurai, The Magnificent Seven, Ocean's 11, Se7en, etc.), Martin Mc Donagh's latest offering will no doubt be a welcome addition to the roster.

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