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George the Fifth Crown & robes head with clasp LONG SERVICE 1940. (see previous medal also named to Lionel Pidsley) A 43cm x 35cm B&W real photgraph of Captain Wallace Heaton, M. On the right is a memorium silk to Lydia Clarke, the mother of Ellen Whitfield, who died , of 8 New St. The frame and rear are original and have never been opened. (Other mines reglarly available - please ask for specific requests) We have a large stock of Artillery shell fuzes from about 1880 to the most modern available. This pamphlet deals with the various methods of applying machine gun fire. This is a genuine Regimental Drum from the 17th/21st Lancers.

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This lot includes, Lothian & Borders, Somerset, Carlisle, Tayside, R. Glamorgan, Berks & Reading, Durham, Humberside, Cumbria, Herts & Corwall all 14 each inc. Manchester City Transport, British Rail both gilt & WM & brass, various prices. Dating from 1880 - 1901 and worn on the spiked Home Service Helmet. Limited Edition framed and glazed Print of an English Electric Lightning F2A of no 19 Squadron. A unique and extremely rare complete electronic fuze system from a British Blue Steel Air-to-Surface Strategic nuclear missile carried by Vulcan & Victor Bombers of the Royal Air Force. A huge roll of honour includes every soldier, sailor and airman from Leeds who died in the War. It has a label on the collar, "sg 56-1" and a pocket stamp of "Mdl. (somewhere in all those figures is the size) It has two epaullettes with 3 pips on and silver bullion braid with bright green piping. Nicely ink stamped inside with the makers name and large eagle and swastika. Each magazine is dated 1938, Waffenamped and made by the same maker "b Sw". The ricasso is also un-stamped, but there are a pair of intertwined 'S's' on top of the crossguard, a makers mark I don't know. Battle worn steel scabbard stamped "Waffenfabrik Mauser A. Fuzes, propelling charges and primers and demolition of ammunition to prevent enemy use. Consisting of 282 pages complete with illustrations and Roll of members of the Regiment from 1860 to 1892. Emblazoned in bold lettering at the top of the cover is 'U. AIR FORCES' and the bottom of the cover bears the lettering 'CRAIG FIELD, SELMA, ALA.' .

An original and superb condition Queen Victoria Crown, Blackened Brass, Other Ranks Helmet Plare of the 5th (Middlesex (West Middlesex) R. Each copy of Michael Rondot's Limited Edition, Lightning Thunder, is signed by 4 distinguished Lightning pilots: Group Captain Dave Seward AFC Group Captain Ed Durham Air Vice-Marshal John Howe CB CBE AFC, Air Marshal Sir John Nicholls KCB CBE DFC AFC. A very nice framed and glazed 30" x 22" print by Michael Turner, 1980 showing what I think are Bristol Beaufighters or Blenheims attacking German Shipping in WW2. Introduced to 617 Sqaudron in 1962 it had a range of 320 km. A brown leather winter issue Luftwaffe flying helmet model LKp W101 with stitched on twin throat microphones Mi-4b. Price includes UK delivery A rare style of WW1 Robbins of Dudley fighting knife with an alloy handle and steel Kris type blade with a total length of just over 11". It has the German type collar badges again with green piping. It has colour illustrations and consists of 60 pages, it is in excellent condition and the price includes Uk delivery. Blue cloth cover with gilt tooled title, this is in good clean condition. History of 1st Volunteer Battalion the Royal Warwickshire Regiment and its predecessors by Colonel Charles J. To the right of the cover is ' In Service for my Country and you'.

It is fully fur lined with a working front zip and two working lower sleeve grips. It has 61 colour illustrations and is in good condition. This book consists of 350 pages, the book has red cloth covers. It has a broad & a narrow red rank stripe and inside has its original removable leather liner and chinstrap. A broad variety of designs became available during the War Years and became so popular that Army PX's sold these seat covers alongside other supplies ( PX's (Post Exchanges) were retail stores similar to British Forces NAAFI's which are in effect shops for Servicemen at Army, Navy and Air Force bases). The front is a vivid red colour with gold and red printed images and lettering.

It has 79 colour illustrations and is in good condition. Manufacturers logo in the helmet which could be "NP" over a "V". ( 1782 ) A very nice Assistant Divisional Officers white Fire Helmet in padded and covered plastic to the Northern Ireland Fire Authority with a front transfer badge worn from 1950-75. The images consist of a large US Air Corps 'Star with Eagle wings' Insignia with a bird in flight alongside on the left.

O 38 This is a mint armour piercing capped, ballistic capped round 57 x 480R for the M1943 Russian Anti Tank gun. OSD Selection of 100% guaranteed original British Army Cap Badges. We do NOT sell knowingly any restrikes or fakes, money back guarantee. An original British HMSO Manual on Small Arms Training covering the Weapon Training 1937 & amended to 1939. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. Price includes UK delivery An original British HMSO Manual on Small Arms Training covering the Weapon Training 1942. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. Inside it is ink stamped on the rim, "Property of U. Govt." and written in pencil on the inside are the details, "A. An original USA War Office, Department of the Army, 3.5" Rocket launcher Manual, (FM 23-32) Dated April 1958. This is a good condition A-10A Summer flight helmet with Harvard design ear cups and Audiosears, ANB-H-1 receivers installed. The cushion would be attached to the pilot's parachute pack and the Pilot sat on the cushion when in the cockpit of the plane.

The projectile is crimped into the brass case, the paint and stencilling are original and the whole round retains its original wax covering. The gun entered service on June 15, 1943 the Zi S-2 57 mm anti-tank gun model 1943. After the war it remained in service used by Soviet airborne troops. An officers jacket of WW2 in dark green with sleeve badge of the United States Army Air Force HQ, Washington D. This lot includes, Derbyshire IY, Silver Westminster Dragoons, OSD Oxford Yeo, gilt Notts Hussars, N. An original British HMSO Manual on Small Arms Training covering the Anti-Aircraft, dated 1942. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. Packed with information on construction, use and much more. This manual is packed with information on Launcher controls, sighting equipement, operation, ammunition, preparatory marksmanship training, maintenance and range practice. Original US Department of the Army Technical Manual TM 9-3071-1 dated January 1958. The radio receivers on this Summer helmet are both present, intact and stamped by the manufacturer ' AUDIOSEARS CORPS, RECEIVER, AMB-H-1'. (the parachute sat in a recess in the seat below the cushion).

The images we are showing are representitive of the stock and we will list individual items in due course. A nice size 7 1/4 (59) Custodian Helmet of the Cheshire Constabulary with chrome comb and chrome Queens Crown Helmet Plate. This is a scarce item, most having been burned or rotted away. The pommel has been replaced without a bayonet slot and the cross guard re shaped and the muzzle ring removed.. It is made of white silk and has a central vivid red printed roundel surrounded by 3 sets of Japanese script each with one of the following in English above ' Yokohama, Japan, and Tokyo. This is an original WW2 Japanese Battle Flag / Ensign Of The Empire of Japan.

meanwhile if you have any specific requirements please contact us. 1463 of 2000 Spode dinner plate measuring 27cm wide in its original presentation box. Complete with its original hand signed certificate of authenticity. ( Due to the weight UK delivery only by arrangement and at cost.) A dark blue peaked cap of the Nazi Old Comrades Association (Kyfffhauserbund) with the metal eagle with an Imperial Iron Cross of WW1 Veterans and enamel badge in a wreath. Inside it has a moulded, padded riot liner and straps as well as its normal chinstrap. A perfect condition size 7 1/8 (58) flat cap of the Cheshire Constabulary complete with chequered band, chrome, queens crown cap badge and front strap. An absolute must for the re-enactor or grenade collector. ( Sn 6276) This is an official factory conversion of a U. in all probability converted to cater for the shortage of the M3 fighting knife in 1943. This is an excellent example of an inert time and percussion Fuse for the WW1 German Heavy Minenwerfer. The Flag has 1 corner edged with a stitched leather pad and hanging cord. The flag is made of white cotton measuring 29 1/2 x 20 inches.

Made by hawker Siddeley the missile was steel bodied & 10.6 metres long. It is lacking side buckles and top elastic and has a sheepskin liner. The handle is stamped Robbins Dudley although hard to read. (See page 26 of British & Commonwealth Military Knifes by Ron Flook for this type of Knife) Price includes UK delivery. It has a "Betriebsschutz" arm badge (Operational Protection Police), a 3 medal bar, a gold Kampfsport chest medal and all its buttons. The matching cap has a white top, gold and enamel cap badge, cockade, green and silver strap. Original War Office Infantry Training Volume 1, Infantry Platoon Weapons Pamphlet No.9 part II on the 3.5inch Rocket Launcher dated 1953. Hamilton, published in 1901 by Longmans, Green and Co. Hart VD, published by the Midland Counties Herald Ltd. It consists of 389 pages, 3 colour plates, extracts from the Army List, Return of Officers, list of those serving in the Boer War together with casualties and several photographs. Being the history of the regiment, it contains all four coloured plates. The cover is edged with gold coloured stitching and small red silk tassles. The cover is clean and totally undamaged with all stitching intact.

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