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Someone working quickly would likely fall into the trap of reading the first couple of lines and assuming that they had found the right answer.

I’m a bit fuzzy on detail right now, but in one example it was a 3-4 line quote and the end of the answer used ‘anticipation’ whereas the holding in the MPEP used ‘obviousness.'” Reply Just thought you should know that the exam simulator from Soft Area 51 shows to be from Catprep when you attempt to download it. Hopefully it will be of use to me in the last week I have before the exam. I’ve been practicing law for many years, spent hundreds of hours studying, and reviewed hundreds upon hundreds of questions – but NOT old exams. I failed the test (62%) and need to take it again — though I had noticed how many exam questions had been repeated after the fact! Review old exams ad nauseam — and remember that the USPTO’s goal is to trick test-takers — not to test them on basic, fundamentals.

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The other 50 I did in 2 hours and had 1 hour to review and correct.

I had a 60 minutes break which starts immediately after the first 3 hours. And thank you again for everyone’s advices and posts!

My test at Prometric here in Lowell, MA, will be Monday, Dec 17th. Regards, Rolf Seichter 978-852-5803 Reply Dear Rolf – Much much luck to you on the exam!

I mainly work with the PLI material and also took their class. I was hoping to purchase PLI materials at a discounted rate from someone on this site.

Indeed, the test is sadly not a measure of what you know at all; it’s an entry barrier in its purest form Warmest thanks again!

Reply I passed the exam yesterday May 3, 2008 in Glastonbury CT.

First I would like to thank everyone for putting together this wonderful website and especially for the one who initiated it. Here are some of the repeat questions I had: Oct 01 AM 5 14 24 Apr 02 AM 50 Oct 02 AM 1 version 21 Oct 02 PM 5 version 16 version Apr 03 Am 2 8 22 30 31 37 44 Apr 03 PM 3 version 11 12 16 28 32 Oct 03 AM 4 6 version 7 8 9 22 23 36 44 50 Oct 03 PM 2 4 10 13 14 17 32 38 40 43 also hairgel mirror 4-5 PCT questions general stuff until when you can add the benefit of the priority date, 102e dates Indefinite Claim using ‘high’ Maintenance Fee Paid primary reference in 102 non-signing inventor (can file his own patent and then interfere something like that) the lip gloss kissing a version of Einstein ex prate vs.

inter parts Spanish phone design question variant 102d 2 month rule for final office action Number of Rejections Required for Appeal purposes when count from parent to continuation Claim of priority to Japanese national app to overcome prior art How /when to claim benefit Restriction Requirement / Continuation Application Appeal: New ground of rejection Reissue/Filing Amendment best mode question supplement oath in reissue I think that you have to really know the exams from the past 2 years.

I went in my car had a bite to eat and reviewed the 2003/2002 exams with answers. Reply “Several questions were new, and a surprising number were ambiguously written.

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