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Your company has the VERY BEST ideas, layouts, and work quality unmatched to anyone else in the industry. I will be contacting you soon for my next "framed treasures" highlighting my career." C-Channels Canine Canvas Wraps CDI CHP Caricatures Certificate Framing Chief's Projects Chino PD Projects Church Projects Clocks Coast Guard Projects Code of Ethics Collages Commendation Computer Plaques Cops West Corona PD Projects Correctional Creative Culture Crosses Cubical & Door Signs Custom Collages Custom I. Cards Eagle Stuff Eagle Scout Edition 7 Elks Associations El Cerrito PD Projects Electronic Shadowbox El Monte PD Projects Emblems & Seals Embossed Employee of the Yr/Qtr E. Projects Police Shadow Boxes Pomona PD Projects Plaque Options Porky D Swine Pricing Printed Backboards Promotion Purchasing Graphics Purple Heart Projects San Anselmo PD San Diego PD San Diego County Sheriff's Museum San Leandro PD San Pablo PD Santa Monica PD Scouting Seals & Emblems Sergeant Stuff Shadowboxes - Police Shadowbox Checklist Sheriff Projects Sherman Block Signing Mats Signs - ALL Index Desk Signs / Cards Door, Cubical & Wall Large Framed Signs Double Sided / Halls Corridors / Holding Hanging Hardware Single Badge Shipping info SLI Presentations Slide-in Duty Boards SWAT Section Thanks Paul for all the projects you were involved with. / Fallen Section Harbor Master Section Chief's Section Emblem & Seals Section Sheriff's Section Recognition Section Fitness Section Perpetual Plaque Section Police Misc. Michael ALWAYS was given the most difficult framing jobs and ALWAYS completed each one to perfection. This allows for the see-through aspect with the two outer frames Recognition Section SWAT Section Recognition Section Other Projects Section Emblems Seals Section Podium Section K9 Section Perpetual Section Sheriff Section SWAT Section Podium Section Emblems and Seals Section Podium Section Badge and Patch Reproductions Section Past Projects Section Badge and Patch Reproductions Section Navy Section ; Dispatch Section This piece featured a two part frame presentation joined by a satin black piano hinge. These set-ups can be any size and hold any number slide-in spaces.

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In completing the , translators made a determined effort to keep, as far as possible, the familiar wording of the earlier versions, and especially the feeling of the ancient Book.

Through amplification, the reader gains a better understanding of what the Hebrew and Greek listener instinctively understood (as a matter of course).

Again Thank You forthe Honoring my Father on your website, please leave it up as long as you can. / Fallen Section Army Section Florham Park PD Section Sheriff's Section Fallen / E. I cannot thank y'all enoughfor your help and professionalism. This magnetic chart incorporates magnetic C-Channels with slide-in names and positions. Your attention to detail and qualityis unparalleled.

Thank you from the son of Louis Bianco WWII Army, Louis Bianco Jr.(retired police Lieutenant) Florham Park, New Jersey Thanks Louis Jr. Myself and the thousands that visit this site wish you thebest and appreciate your father's service. If there is any place I can write a review, please sendme the link. He will absolutely lovethis gift to memorialize his servicemoving into retirement. We debuted our audio and video presentations with great success. Then badge Frame will be at the FBI NAA California Chapter Show Sep.

Badge Frame is honoredto have been a part of your journey.-Bill Baxter / Owner / Badge Frame Inc. Thank you for putting up with my picky requirements during the process, you were an ease to work with. Our next show will be the Cal Chief's Show in Riverside , CA. 1-4 2015 at the Manhattan Beach Marriott Police Shadowboxes Uniform Section Other Stuff Section here... Note magnetic engraved plates are moved from bottom to top when vehicles are being used.

I will definitely recommend Badge Frameto my colleagues, but I have a feelingthey'll be asking me where I got thisdone when they see it. Thanks again, Dean Janowski COPS WEST 2014 / Bill & T. From this page you can download add-on modules to expand your library. Once you download the file, double-click it to execute the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.Items in green are paid modules that require an unlock key.Cognate languages, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and other Greek works were also consulted.The Septuagint and other versions were compared for interpretation of textual differences. - Linda Navy Section Printed Backgrounds Section Police Shadowboxes Section Oversize Badge & Patch Section Long Beach PD Section Police Shadowbox Section Irvine PD Section 60X12 sign framed in black leather with gold fillet. Section Irvine PD Section CDI Section Sheriff's Section ORG Chart Section C-Channel Section Recognition Section Vertical C-Channels can have either a magnetic or an adhesive back. & Fallen Section SWAT Section Corrections Section USCG Section Sheriff's Section Police Shadowboxes LAPD Section Medals Section Irvine PD Section Fire Section Dispatch Section Electronic Screen Section LAPD Section Police Shadowbox Section Chief's Section Standard Frames Section Baker 2 Vegas Section Sheriff's Section Medals Section San Diego PD Section Fire Section Recognition Section Recognition Section LAWA Section Sheriff Section Printed Backboard Section Boundary View Section Ribbons Section Police Shadowbox Section Murrieta PD Section SLI Section Sheriff Section Chino PD Section Recognition Section SWAT Section DA Section Uniform Section Police Shadowbox Section Acrylic Awards Section Perpetual Plaque Section Air Force Section Uniform Section Oversize Badge & Patch Section Emblems & Seals Section K-9 Section Chino PD Section Plaque Options Section South Gate Section Recognition Section Printed Backboards Section Signing Mat Section Caricature Section Printed Backboard Section ; Flag Section U. Army Section Police Shadowbox Section Caricature Section Badge Collection Section University Section Chief's Section LAPD Section LAWA Section LAPD Section Police Shadowbox Section FBI Section Sheriff's Section Patch Collections Section Oversize Badge/Patch Section Caricature Section Fire Section ; Fire Section Door Sign Section K-9 Section E. Police Shadowbox Section Chief's Section Acrylic Box Section Recognition Section Archive Section Other Stuff Section E. Section K-9 Section Recognition Plaque Section Emblems & Seals Section Pink Patch Project / Badge & Patch Options Pink Patch Section Corrections Section Police Misc. Totally customized with graphics and number of spaces of your choice. / Fallen Section Printed Backboard Section "Other Stuff" Section Special Badge Holding Option...

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