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IF YOU LIKE MY INSTRUCTABLE DONT FORGE TO RATE AND SUBSCRIBE For everyone having worried about their hardware setup, there is a website that lists hardware components and whole computer systems: For computer rigs: individual components: the above lists are for 10.5.2 and now 10.5.5, but for the most part the same rules should apply with patches and compatibility.

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Insert the dvd into your dvd drive and shutdown the computer.

Then whenever the computer boots up, pay attention to if it says anything about boot sequence or BIOS setup in the first few seconds of booting. Then select your CD/DVD drive, and the computer will boot from it after hitting enter. If you wait a while and let the DVD boot up, it will eventually say something like "Press any key to begin or F8 for options . ." (I know it isn't exactly that, but it is similar), if you press any key the next screen pops up: Now, if your CD/DVD drive is still spinning at this point and the light is working, than chances are you are perfectly fine, nothing to worry about.

If it does not then something went wrong in the formating process, but don't worry, you can still go to the Disk Utility and try it again. If you do not, your install probably will not work.

(Please note that in this photo an external hard drive icon is used, unless you are installing on an external drive, a hard drive icon should appear). After you click install the "Install Summary" page should show up. The Customize screen will show you several options that you will need to select or de-select based on your own hardware configuration.

The link shown above is part of the i Deneb website.

If you have further problems with this particular distro, consult that website and the forums at Insanely Mac.(Also, when first booting the DVD at the part where it prompts with "press any key . ." press F8 and then -v in order to boot in diagnostic mode. You need to format the hard drive at this point in the installation. Click on your hard drive (Not any partitions you may have, see below - its in the right hand column) and then click the erase tab: Click on the Volume Format drop down menu. You may be able to use another type, but I know for a fact that that does indeed work.There may have been an error in burning the disk, or the file itself may have been slightly corrupted.As long as the disk hasn't been scratched, you really only need to check the disk once if you need to install Leopard again. If it is not, I suggest checking out these sources: If you have any questions or comments, please post a comment or email me at Contact Cyber [email protected] is a very detialed step by step guide for installing real Leapard (10.5.6) on your PC. This is a set of guidelines for installing OS X Leopard onto a PC.What you choose to do with this information is up to you, and I am in no way responsible for whatever happens to your machine.It is a large file and will take a considerable time to acquire. tag=mncol If youve never booted from a CD or DVD on your system, then follow the outlined steps.

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