Updating leopard

To be honest, all confusing so I don't want the risk to run into problems.

Office 2016 has proved a near-disaster in compatibility with Word doc running well under Office 20.

Before you insert the Snow Leopard Install DVD into your Mac, take a bit of time to prepare your Mac for its new OS.

updating leopard-7

Once you finish (don’t worry; it doesn’t take long), come on back here and we will start the actual installation.

With the preliminary setup out of the way, the Snow Leopard installer will start the actual file copying.

Of course ‘painless’ is a relative term in Cupertino, and if our experiences upgrading from Tiger to Leopard are any indication, this option leaves us a bit wary.

Not to mention, over time our computers become crud-magnets; collecting up all order of detritus.

Once the welcome animation is over, the Setup Assistant actually has nothing to do, because you upgraded from a previous version of OS X and there’s nothing more to set up.

You can click the ‘Continue’ button and start exploring your new installation of Snow Leopard.

But if they say that he has to purchase snow leopard I will agree with you 100% My understanding is that if you bring the Mac to an Apple Store they will install it for you.

The S/L requirement is to access the store, not as a way to charge you .

The housekeeping chores we recommend will also make it easy for you to revert to your previous OS, should a problem occur during installation or should you need an older version of OS X to run an older application.

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