Updating pirated software on mac

I went to watch one of the movies and found out that this program ripped half of the movie in a different language and half of the other movies in the commentary!!! If there were a zero for voting of this crap I would give it a huge fat zero!!!!

10 years ago this was great software but come on running three programs to try to accomplish what one does much better is a no brainer.

I've used DVD shrink on well over 350 DVD's and I've been unable to copy perhaps 5 or 6, Star Trek being the most recent stopper.

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If for example a vob is copied to HD and renamed as an mpg then foreign language playback often happens also.

Cyberlink's Power DVD v 4 is a rock solid player for playing DVD files and DVDs. The reason people are still using this program is because it was made so well to begin with!

The interface is very well designed and it has all the options you would want for shrinking a double layer to a single layer DVD.

I've tried many DVD shrinking utilities but always end up back with DVD shrink.

My friends cannot tell the difference between my backed up movies and the originals.

I have used this since it first came out many years ago. I wish someone would OR could get/give the original source for it and then someone can update it since it hasnt been updated in years!!!Ripping DVDs with shrink without an up-to-date decoder will result in failures.I recommend Any DVD running in the background behind DVDShrink. If you use Microsoft windows Media Player to view your ripped movies then you will get unpredictable playback.I have a copy of this software that Ive been using for year and it does not install any search bar. The new version installs Babylon search on your internet browsers even if you tell it no.Then it is a major pain in the XXX to get rid of it.Since I started using it with Img Burn I haven't had a single problem. Yeah, every once in a while I have to use DVDFab for those stubborn Disney or Sony discs but I still would rather use spftware is absolute junk!!!!!!!

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