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The misunderstood hero who turns the dark power of the Void back on itself, fighting fire with fire, standing alone against a force that could threaten all of Runeterra - how awesome is that?

We can all agree though that Kassadin's visuals could do a lot more to live up to his awesome premise.

With Ryze’s update we want to better convey that he’s a master of magic (and running) in a way that’s kinetic and physical, almost punching his magic out in the same way an expert martial artist expresses his skill.

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As one of the original 40 champions, he's been left behind as League’s visual quality bar has continued to rise over time.

Unlike some older champions, Kassadin has always had a distinct personality and theme to his visuals, and we definitely want to maintain those traits in the course of this update.

We’re also focused on improving Kassadin’s in-game read.

His original model has such a strong contrast between the black costume and its white trim that details become difficult to discern at in-game scale.

Hey guys, Fruity Sebbles here on behalf of the Champion Update team.

It’s been a while since we last shared what the team’s been working on, and now that we’re wrapping up Tristana’s update I’d like to preview some of our current projects and the thinking behind them.

She’ll also be getting a new splash in one of the upcoming patches.

Confession time: I've been a massive Kassadin fanboy since the first time I played him.

Since we’re solidifying Ryze’s identity as a solitary and nomadic mage who’s on the run, we want to make sure that’s reflected in his appearance by playing up a more rugged feel to his gear and clothing.

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