Updating switches in cisco works

Figure 2-2 Computer Devices for Wireless Networks Satisfy Different Applications To support mobile applications, computer devices are often small, making them practical for people to carry with them at all times.

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Users of wireless networks tend to be mobile, constantly moving throughout a facility, campus, or city.

Mobility is one of the most prominent benefits of deploying a wireless network.

Computer devices within a wireless network also include end systems such as servers, databases, and websites.

For example, the website includes news that someone can view from a public wireless LAN connection from a hotel room.

Similarly, a clerk can wirelessly interface with a warehouse management system, which acts as an end-system computer device.

Users can adapt many existing computer devices to operate on a wireless network.

The biggest difference between a stationary and portable user is that the stationary user will not require any form of roaming functions.

Roaming functions are difficult to implement in some situations.

The user will turn on the laptop after sitting down in the conference room and shut off the laptop before leaving.

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