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Once again, its initial reception was disastrous, the long takes which generally eschew the director’s famous close-ups failing to capture critics and audiences alike.

Even now, it remains Dreyer’s most divisive work, despite being his quintessential study of female psychology.

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Framed against white backgrounds, stripped of the all but the essential, the penetrating emotional effect – and intensity – is finally devastating.

While Dreyer himself disavowed any such interpretations, it’s not hard to see why many at the time drew parallels between Day of Wrath’s story of 17th-century persecution and witch-hunts and the contemporary German occupation of Denmark in 1943.

The director’s darkest psychological study, it flopped on release, only later achieving its reputation as a masterwork to rank among Dreyer’s very best.

The erotic plays an integral part in Dreyer’s cinema.

The challenges continued with their second collaboration a decade later, with the filmmaker’s unrealised wish to shoot the entirety of Gertrud in a single, unbroken take.

Ida, the put-upon wife, subjected to the tyrannies of her boorish husband in 1925’s Master of the House, is the first of the major female characters to appear in Dreyer’s work.

One of the great cinematographers, Henning Bendtsen is undoubtedly best remembered for his masterful work on the two features he shot for Dreyer.

He was only 29 when the director hired him to shoot Ordet (1955), and by his own admission (in the documentary My Métier, included in the new BFI Blu-ray set) discovering what Dreyer was after initially proved a struggle.

“The man she loves can be hers only, or she must leave him.

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