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The seller says a good extended warranty from an independent company costs a lot of money; protection is similar to the manufacturer plans.

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The seller warns the shoppers that the VW CC only seats four (nice touch). When the shoppers inquire about winter tires for the large 19” wheels, he offers to try to do something extra for them.

For $300 he can get a set of four good used tires installed so the car is delivered ready for winter (another nice touch). APA’s expert says both vehicles are in very good condition. Both vehicles are covered by the balance of their power train warranties to five years 100,000 km.

'The innovation and entrepreneurship being advanced at all of our post-secondary institutions is leading to cutting-edge technologies and helping to create a dynamic, modern B. economy that benefits all of us.' The research was funded the UBC-hosted Canada-India Research Center of Excellence, IC-IMPACTS, which promotes research collaboration between Canada and India.

IC-IMPACTS will make the new material available to retrofit a school in Roorkee in Uttarakhand, a highly seismic area in northern India.

'Then we subjected them to Tohoku-level quakes and other types and intensities of earthquakes—and we couldn’t break them.' EDCC combines cement with polymer-based fibers, flyash and other industrial additives, making it highly sustainable, says UBC civil engineering professor Dr Nemy Banthia, who supervised the work.

'By replacing nearly 70 per cent of cement with flyash, an industrial byproduct, we can reduce the amount of cement used,' said Dr Banthia.It was designed at the molecular scale to be strong, malleable, and ductile, similar to steel.'We sprayed a number of walls with a 10 millimeter-thick layer of EDCC, which is sufficient to reinforce most interior walls against seismic shocks,' says Salman Soleimani-Dashtaki, a Ph D candidate in the department of civil engineering at UBC.Extra fees: 0 DOC Lots of good-looking inventory, with a concentration on high-end vehicles.BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Acura and Honda are all well represented.Here's where you can meet singles in Houston, Texas.

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