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Meanwhile, Drudge, who first made his name in the Clinton Administration, still has the ear of grassroots conservatives; his links are a major source for traffic at many right-leaning news outlets (and some mainstream ones, too). Independence Party leader Nigel Farage like only a best-selling author can.

—Ryan Teague Beckwith Most people probably follow Rowling on Twitter for the new tidbits she drops about her massively successful Harry Potter franchise. Perhaps the best demonstration of her power came earlier this month, when Trump suggested, via Twitter, that the mayor of London was wrong for telling citizens to stay calm after the June 3 terror attack.

You're suddenly inundated with so many potential love interests that you stop investing the same amount of effort into meeting actual people offline.'Of course, it's going to be harder to take the plunge to start up a conversation with a stranger in a bar than sending an anonymous message to a man with a witty dating profile - especially because you can just log off if it gets uncomfortable, rather than finding yourself trapped in an awkward conversation.

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She has long been outspoken on the Chinese social media platform, most recently to shine a spotlight on the global refugee crisis.

Shortly thereafter, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees re-appointed her as the agency’s Goodwill Ambassador, crediting her with bringing refugee issues “into the consciousness of millions of Chinese people.” —Nash Jenkins — a twisty tale that would have listeners guessing and theorizing for weeks on end.

If we need an alarmist blowhard, we’ll call.” — received more than twice as many likes and retweets as Trump’s original message.

—Megan Mc Cluskey A simple eight-word request — HELP ME PLEASE.

Since he is barred from appearing on state TV, his campaign will have to rely on social networks to get Navalny’s message across.

—Simon Shuster The president once claimed that people consider him “the Hemingway of Twitter.” But he may be more like the platform’s O. The itchy Twitter finger that propelled him to the White House now appears to be hurting his presidency.

—Eliza Berman For nearly two decades, Drudge and his scrappy, sensationalist website, The Drudge Report, have wielded outsize influence on the political news cycle. Not only is the site drawing more readers than ever — it’s got well over a billion monthly page views — but one of them is sitting in the Oval Office.

In early June, shortly after a van struck pedestrians on London Bridge, President Trump retweeted a Drudge Report missive alleging the van had “mow[ed] down 20 people” and there were “fears of [a] new terror attack,” apparently confirming speculation before British authorities had a chance to weigh in.

He never reached the 18 million mark set by the fast food chain, but after a few weeks, he handily broke the record for most retweets ever, garnering nearly 3.7 million and dethroning Oscars selfie queen Ellen De Generes. —Megan Mc Cluskey It takes gumption to speak freely in China, especially when you have a lot to lose.

That hasn’t stopped the 37-year-old actress, who with 79 million followers is the most popular person on Weibo.

26 on the Billboard 200 — the highest-ever debut for a K-pop album — and earlier this year, they helped BTS win Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards.

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