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Winning combinations are based on the five digit codes assigned to each ticket.

One tenth of a ticket's prize is awarded to each of its ten shares.

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acquit, ameliorate, amend, be in labour, deliver, emancipate, enhance, exempt, extricate, free, give birth, improve, labour, liberate, loose, manumit, prepay, ransom, redeem, reform, release, remedy, repair, rescue, rid, save, stamp, upgrade The Priesthood of the Son of God, which we have in our midst, is a perfect order and system of government, and this alone can deliver the human family from all the evils which now afflict its members, and insure them happiness and felicity hereafter (DBY, 130).‘En Eva, zijn vrouw, hoorde dit alles, en was verheugd, zeggende: Ware het niet, dat wij overtreden hadden, dan zouden wij nimmer zaad hebben gehad, en nimmer het goed en het kwaad, en de vreugde onzer The Lord promises to ‘pour out his Spirit more abundantly upon [us]’ (Mosiah ), redeem His Saints both temporally and spiritually, number them with those of the First Resurrection, and offer life eternal.”Alma had zelf een krachtige en dwingende ervaring met ongehoorzaamheid aan zijn getrouwe vader, om vervolgens op dramatische wijze tot het inzicht te komen dat hij vergeving nodig had en wat het betekende om het lied der Alma’s own experience in failing to follow his faithful father and then coming to a dramatic understanding of how much he needed forgiveness and what it meant to sing the song of redeeming love is powerful and compelling.

Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes.

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To find out if you are a winner of a Loteria Nacional Extra prize, check your numbers in the results checker above.

Our results checker is not able to check for the winning .

Players who enjoy the Loteria Nacional Extra will be eager to play the Loteria de Navidad on 22 December and Loteria del Nino on 6 January – two annual super raffles that together offer billions in prizes!

The Loteria Nacional Extra raffle awards incredible prizes to players in Spain and all over the world.

Spain's national lottery holds regular raffle draws that award millions in prizes to players who purchase shares or whole tickets with pre-selected codes.

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