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And so I went to Vox Day’s website and clicked the contact link, which popped up an email. So I’d read a number of posts that Day had made and others folks had made about Day and saw all the bad juju going back and forth.I asked Day if he’d mind answering a few questions. What you will read below is our conversation, arranged for easy reading. And I wanted to know what this guy actually believed.You may find this to be a useful reference on the intelligence front: me see if I’ve captured your overall approach.

Knowing how labels and slurs can magically become fact, I wanted to go to the source and understand what it is you truly believe. Hi John, My response to those who claim I am racist or misogynist is simple: why do you reject science, history, and logic?

It is not hateful to be scientifically literate, historically aware, and logically correct.

Well, from what people have been posting, he seemed like the devil. Yeah, that one Romney who is out raising tons of money to help fix blindness among the poorest of the poor, that evil son-of-a-gun.

Now, I think he’s been degraded in those quarters to janitor of the hot place.

" They move mountains to be with Byron, because they think, like I did, that he's the man of their dreams. We aren't taught to want these things, which is why it took me so long to realize that I was fundamentally and deeply incompatible with the man of my dreams.

They consume the same media I did, and have the same notions about love being short bursts of excitement punctuated by long periods of frustration and anxiety. I didn't feel deprived, because he had left me with something of immense value.

Once I understood that, if I disagreed, then I could disagree in a way that I think is actually productive.

We talked about some of his views on two subjects—race and women. Well, you need to know what they are before you decide.

Vox, I’m following the conversation about the Hugos.

Many of the conversations claim you are a racist and misogynist. But it’s all so scattershot and snippets out of context. If so, my first questions are about your views on race.

They are drawn to Byron's emotional unavailability because of the plethora of cultural messages that tell them Byron can change, and that he will change for them. When Evan had to move away for work, he handled it with the same grace that he had always displayed in our relationship. What Evan taught me during our time together was that I was asking all the wrong questions of potential romantic partners.

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