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But the secrecy is new, and the way Peter Thiel moved the chess pieces behind the scenes is new.I don’t see any reason that couldn’t be applied to any other journalistic outlet.They are bizarre, and almost every time it had an opportunity to take a turn, it took the more bizarre direction.

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It seemed like the right path, rather than an extended theatrical run. How do you make that accessible to an audience that might not be sympathetic toward the media?

I hope there’s enough for almost anybody to come to this story. Tell the series of events, and the way they happened, in the order they unfolded.

And yet Knappenberger doesn’t particularly address the question of what happens to individual journalists in a media outlet lawsuit; he only focuses on the outcome for the publication itself. But as a cultural object that needed to exist, it’s welcome for the way it sums up the case and presents it to viewers.

Marshall Mc Luhan said the medium is the message, and this is a great example: releasing the documentary on Netflix puts a full-throated argument for the value of an oppositional press into the streaming catalog of 100 million Netflix subscribers (rather than dropping into a few hundred major city cinemas, where only the already-inclined would see it).

[We’ll] look back at this moment as incredibly significant.

So why bring this documentary to Netflix specifically?

We finished it right before Sundance, and we started the film right after the verdict. We were in a big rush to premiere it by Sundance, and we didn’t show it to anybody before that.

A lot of people were interested there, but for lots of reasons, Netflix seemed like a great partner.

officially shut down, crippled by a legal battle with Hulk Hogan and billionaire financier Peter Thiel, founder Nick Denton published the site’s final post.

In an essay called “How Things Work,” he argued that story sound like something dredged up from the more unhinged corners of Reddit.

In the Thiel case, litigation financing is not new, that’s not unheard of.

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