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Pintxos are the Basque version of tapas, and you'll find San Sebastian (a European Capital of Culture 2016) overrun with options that will tickle your fancy.

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Join throngs of FC Barcelona supporters for a match at the team's home ground - just remember which team you're cheering for.

You can tour the stadium, too, and The Camp Nou Experience is the most visited museum in Catalonia (take that, Dalí).

If you like that, try this: Cidade da Cultura de Galicia.

Do it: A combined ticket to the aquarium, Hemisfèric and Science Museum costs €36.90. Then take to the trails the professionals train on, in the majestic Pyrenees. If you like that, try this: La Batalla del Vino in Haro. You can buy tickets including bus transfers from, from €50.

Visit at the end of June for the bonfires of San Juan, when the start of the summer is celebrated with fire, music and fireworks. While you're there, visit the Roman aqueduct in Castile & León and marvel at the city's sandstone architecture - all en español, naturalmente.

If you like that, try this: A painting ­holiday in ­Andalucía.

Cast your eyes skyward in the Wind Palace room - you'll be met with the soles of God's feet.

If you like that, try this: Salvador Dalí House in the fishing village of Portlligat. See Sometimes it can be tough to equate Easter with anything other than chocolate.

If the running of the bulls at Pamplona had one loyal fan, it was Ernest Hemingway, who attended the festival nine times and used it as the setting for The Sun Also Rises.

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