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“You have to be a romantic at heart, hopelessly romantic, have love for nature, be emotional, oversensitive ..least this is who I am.

I cry, I laugh with my characters and find romance in the most unusual situations even in everyday life” she muses.

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That very basic connection to nature is often a conduit for romance in the culture of the subcontinent using the summer rain as a metaphor for desire seeking an escape. Khirad’s naivete and her sheer uninhibited joy as she dances in the rain contrast perfectly with her husband Asher’s distant, more guarded position.

Ishtiaq’s latest project is another romantic story which promises a more playful, younger romance than her previous stories.

However, the scope for romance has slowly become more and more limited as male protagonists have become villains rather than heroes and our heroines have lost agency and sit weeping in corners, waiting to be rescued.

In the past, marriage and a happy life were once the ending to a story of self-realisation, now the wedding vows mark the beginning of a torturous process of misunderstandings with betrayal lurking around every corner.

The back and forth snappy dialogue between couples holds a wealth of implicit meaning that lays the foundation of their relationship.

Even in , which became a cult classic, it was the witty exchange between the four protagonists but especially the chemistry between Shamraiz (Mikaal Zulfikar) and Kiran (Sanam Baloch) that had the audiences guessing the outcome till the very end.

Poet, writer, director, and (dare we say) renaissance man, Sarmad Sehbai describes romance more earthily: “The way a woman moves says it all and of course, the eyes, which are the only door.

It is veiled erotica, the way the actors are shot and directed.” His much anticipated film embodied the cultural metaphor and with the downfall of the Mughal Empire.

She follows the Jane Austen school of thought encapsulated by Mr Knightley's famous declaration to Emma “If I loved you less I might be able to talk about it more.”When contemplating classic romance, no discussion could be complete without the queen of contemporary romantic writing, Farhat Ishtiaq.

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