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The overload of filler was fairly inevitable, since we're dealing with an arc that's longer than Indigo and Orange combined, yet doesn't really have any more story content. And if they had Hiroshi appearances, and introduced Hazuki earlier, the arc would have flown better. 1 Some Gym Battles 2 The Johto League Championship 3 The Theme Song for JLC 4 Charizard's actually getting character development 5 Whirl Islands 6 Gotta Catch you Later I'd list what was not good, but I don't have the time, so I will just say the big one. Can't name one good thing that happened in that season.

Even if they'd made every Gym Battle a 2 or 3-parter and doubled the length of the Johto League itself, there'd still be a ton of filler. Aside from that, Kasumi and Takeshi's characters beccame pointless. This has got to be the lowest and most boring period in the anime. It became at least decent somewhere around the Silver Conference. Most of it was completely useless because of several reasons: 1) Team Rocket and their predicitable schemes 2) Wobuffet 3) Useless minor characters Of course, I'm not saying that all post -JJ episodes are lame.

This season gets a 5/10, and 2 points come from pity. They were handled well earlier in the series, but once Johto rolled around, the focus was almost solely on Satoshi. Yes, I'm generalizing here, but far far too many Johto fillers involved the group meeting a new character and his/her pokemon, then helping him/her out with whatever problem they had.

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But that was when the writers finally got their acts in gear, and they were preparing for AG at the time, so they finally got up off their asses and started writing good episodes again. Developed pokemon, exciting battles, resolution of the Gary rivalry, commitment to games, a good league...

Shame really, since Cyndaquil, Noctowl and Heracross have so much potential.

UPDATE 4/7/17 8.50am: Sony has now removed the Anthem trailer uploaded to its Play Station You Tube channel which featured Photoshopped Xbox One X buttons.

You can still see a screenshot of the slip-up below. ORIGINAL STORY 3/7/17 9.50am: Play Station's You Tube channel has uploaded the in-engine Anthem footage shown at E3 running on Xbox One X - but with poorly-Photoshopped PS4 buttons.

Originally the region was great with a strong team and funny episodes.

Suddenly around the time Johto Champions started, there were fillers galore.

The only worthwhile things here are some of the Gym Battles, the movies and non-filler episodes, plus the openings and endings - OK! Everything else was just overrun with uninteresting fillers and whatnot. There are some fav eps of mine such as: 1) One Trick Phoney 2) Tie One On 3) A Hot Water Battle We can agree that season 3, 'The Johto Journeys' was the crummiest one in the series.

Otherwise, I find that the shows that are repeatable are the really good fillers. I liked the Jhoto saga, I personally think its hilerious at times and had some good animated moments.

To me, this season was like Neo Kanto and done just right, though not nearly as much "classic" episodes as there was in Kanto/Orange Islands.

Some episodes that are in memory (not including Clair, Morty, Whitney and other gymleader and favorite character episodes, hence not making it biased) The Wayward Wobbufet: the title speaks for itself For Cryin' Out Loud: lots of character developement for Misty Beauty and the Breeder: Brock and Suzie reunite (nuff said) Hassle in the Castle: come on, how often do our heros end up in a secretpassage way in a medieval castle Air Time: nuff said That episode where that mecha Arbok went cukoo. If I went saying all the episodes that I thought made this season special, I'd get in trouble.....

Ash then gets to the Johto League Silver Conference and battles his hardest.

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