Watch thundercats return to thundra online dating

Season 1, Episode 18 CCTV-PG Candyman returns to work--and his old habits. Doherty promises an injured factory worker that his legs will not be amputated.

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Acclaimed producers John Wells (ER, The West Wing) and Edward Allen Bernero (Criminal Minds) created this action-packed drama about the brave and dedicated people who serve as New York’s police, paramedics and firefighters.

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Don’t miss all the highly kinetic, and highly praised, moments from its debut season that made the show a hit.

Take to the streets with the acclaimed ensemble cast including Michael Beach (Sons of Anarchy), Coby Bell (Burn Notice) Bobby Cannavale (Cold Case), Edie Cibrian (CSI: Miami), Molly Price, Kim Raver (Grey’s Anatomy), Anthony Ruivivar (The Adjustment Bureau) Jason Wiles and more, and experience day-in/day-out heroism at its most exciting and intense.

Violence follows Sully's encounter with his former priest.

Carlos is going to be a father, and Doc is disgusted. Season 1, Episode 21 CCTV-PG Bobby saves a carjacker trapped inside a burning auto. Davis inadvertently foils an investigation of Candyman for corruption. And Bosco, in formal attire, attends the opera with Nicole. Davis celebrates his one-year anniversary on the police force.

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