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Now, let’s some of the things that We Chat doesn’t allowed you to do within its app.

These might as well be the possible reasons why your We Chat gets Blocked.

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We Chat doesn’t allowed users to create fake accounts of celebrities, publish other people’s articles without their permission and revealing the private information of other users.

No pornographic photos, erotic writing or “suggestive” content is allowed as well as posting videos or images of people or animals being tortured or killed.

Also, We Chat prohibits the use of its app to sell either real or imitation lethal weapons.

Selling items used for gambling, nor should you organize gambling sessions or teach people how to gamble within the app.

Go to We Chat Support Page and look for Help Centre or Feedback.

Once you are on the feedback page, there are few options or fields you need to fill up. Without further ado, lets get to our detailed guide on We Chat Account Recovery. If you still can’t retrieve your password, tap ‘Request password retrieval’ on the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. If Login fails, try clearing your cache by turning off your device.Fortunately, We Chat lockout is not permanent, which means your blocked We Chat account can still be recovered. After 5-10 minutes, turn your device back on and try logging in to We Chat again. Wait for few days since We Chat team will need to open your account and verify. Why not create a new We Chat Account using new phone number and your friends can be easily reconnected with your new account.Is your We Chat account Blocked or We Chat account banned?No worries, we will work you through on how to unlock blocked We Chat account or recover banned We Chat account.We Chat might not mean much in the US, but in Asia, the messaging app boasts some 800 million active users, with more than 70 million outside of China. It has become an omnipotent portal that addresses all sorts of daily needs, usual text, audio, video and picture messaging functions, be it digital payments, e-commerce, B2C customer service, or even fundraising.

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