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So thank you all for thinking of me and allowing me to share this story.I hope these words impart some insight into my thoughts and appreciation toward TTG, even if it is the littlest of bits… How many of you grew up in an environment where you had a reliable and enormous abundance of supporters to push you to perform at your best potential?

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All I remembered from that experience is that I though I would drown in that disgusting lake and nobody would ever find my body.

I had only trained in a pool up until that time and had no idea how difficult it would be swimming in choppy water with so many other people encircled around me in what felt like bubbling vegetable soup.

I think I drank half the lake and had serious abdominal issues for 2 months following this event.

Needless to say I never embarked on or even thought about trying to do another triathlon until I met my now husband while he was training for and then completed the Brazil Ironman back in 2011.

How many of you had people in your lives that created opportunities for you to test your fullest and deepest strengths, abilities, and skills?

How many of you had genuine, loving, and compassionate adults in your life that were mindful of creating positive growth experiences in preparation opportunities for adulthood?

Somehow I survived camp and even learned there were RULES in triathlon, such as staying a few bike distances apart from the person ahead of you.

This blew my mind; I printed off all the rules and read them thoroughly before my first race.

One day not too long ago, Tucson Tri Girl (TTG) Kay Wolferstetter and the incredible minds that be with the club, asked me to write a Biography of sorts on my triathlon experiences and how TTG helped serve as a positive influence in my triathlon endeavors.

I will say that I was struck with gratitude by this request and quite taken back by this wonderful opportunity.

I had completed one tri in grad school; the idea came when a friend of mine texted me on a random Wednesday afternoon asking how my swimming was coming along. Good thing I bought those goggles on sale at Kohl’s) and that a one-piece swimsuit was necessary. The tri was very beginner friendly and not USAT sanctioned.

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