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But under the Uniform Commercial Code, the guidelines that govern business transactions, banks can pay a postdated check immediately unless the customer specifically alerts the bank that he wants to delay processing of the check and gives specific information about the check such as check number and amount.Otherwise, most checks these days are processed electronically automatically.One of the myths that somehow refuses to go away is the myth that post-dated checks are "illegal." They are not.

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Register the details of a postdated check that you issue to a vendor.

When the payment is posted, the vendor liability is recognized, but the bank account isn’t yet credit.

You can stop payment on a postdated check that was issued to a vendor, for reasons such as not sufficient funds, changes in the terms of the agreement with the vendor, supply of defective goods by the vendor, or return of goods to the vendor.

You can stop payment only on checks that haven’t cleared.

I have done so, but my confusion is that she said that post dating a check is illegal.

I don't see how this could be true, so I thought I'd run it by this board and see if my instinct is right and that she's just trying to scare me. She didn't tell me the date I had written, but I would guess that I had combined the month the rent was due (February) and the day I wrote the check (the 27th) to create a whole new date. Also, she made it clear that my checks are to be dated the date rent is due every month.

A postdated check—a check with a date that is later than the current date—is not considered to be currency.

Further, the postdated check should not be reported as part of the Cash account balance until the date of the check.

If a bank does catch the fact that a check has been postdated, the bank has the option to pay it or not.

Bottom line: don’t give a postdated check to someone unless you call your bank first or really trust the person to whom you’re giving it.

If the postdated check was received as payment on accounts receivable, the accounts receivable balance is not reduced until the date of the check.

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