When is casual dating serious

That way, they won’t be pressured into making a hasty decision that isn’t right for both of you. After you’ve let them know how you feel, suggest another time to meet up and chat.This part is crucial because often, where casual flings fail to grow into anything more meaningful is due to the nature of dating, i.e. As they say, there’s no motivation like a deadline!

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Within the first couple of dates – preferably date #1 – talk to the girl about what you’re each looking for in a relationship.

You don’t have to go into much detail but it’s a good idea to ask something like “So are you more of the causal dating or serious relationship kind of girl?

How to know if casual dating is for you The thing about casual dating is for it to work it must go both ways.

You can’t give yourself complete freedom to date other women yet force the girl to be exclusive only to you.

Or would you want that one steady, reliable girl who’s devoted only to you?

There’s no right answer here, the point is to get clear on exactly what it is you want. While figuring out what kind of relationship you want it’s also important to figure out why you want that type of relationship. Or do you tell yourself that’s what you want because it’s what society/your family/your friends tell you to have?

Step 1: Understand that it’s okay to change your mind.

possible to turn your casual romance into something more if you know how to steer the ship.

Step 5: Play the waiting game – this is perhaps the hardest part of all, knowing that your feelings are hanging out there on a limb and you’re stuck, anxiously staring at your phone hoping for a text that says Okay, so maybe it’s not that dramatic for you – but waiting it out is tough.

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