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This restriction, however, holds good only when the impediments in question are generically different, e.g.consanguinity and affinity, or where the power to dispense is given in different indults.

his Excellency, aside from territorial extension, possesses no greater powers in regard to matrimonial dispensations than these diocesan bishops.

A bishop cannot dispense without a special faculty, when two or more matrimonial impediments, diriment or otherwise, exist in the same case, or affect the same persons, though by reason of indults he can dispense separately in each of the impediments involved.

The authority of the Propaganda is not so ample in this matter as formerly, and this too in relation to countries still subject to it.

Questions pertaining to the Pauline Privilege fall in every case under the sole competency of the Holy Office, while in matrimonial dispensations, for the portions of the Western Church under its jurisdiction, the Propaganda is obliged to confer with the Congregation of the Sacraments (Cong. Especially through the Sacred Pœnitentiaria does the pope communicate faculties for the internal forum to bishops and others, including certain confessors, in definite forms or leaflets ( pagellœ ).

Petitions addressed to the Propaganda (the same is true of most of the congregations, at least to expedite matters), should be in Latin, Italian, or French.

The Sacred Pœnitentiaria will accept communications in any modern tongue.

Hence also in Apostolic rescripts absolution from penalties and censures, as far as necessary for the rescript, to be effective, is first given.

Apostolic faculties granted to a bishop, which imply an act of jurisdiction in using them, can be communicated and applied only to the subjects of the bishop, and to such determinate persons as are capable of receiving the favour given by means of this faculty.

Faculties can only be used in favour of members of the Church who are not disqualified by ecclesiastical penalties or censures.

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