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Check out Apple Insider or Glyphboard as a home screen app for an example.

You’ve been in the scenario: you’re reading in Safari, minding your own business, when a link jumps out in front of you, tempting you to follow it.

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This also works with the button, offering a few other top-level domains.

Without a doubt, a period is the most often used piece of punctuation.

Scroll with just one finger and you’ll move the whole page. You’ll get the best possible reading experience without all the two-finger fiddling. It’s great to be able to voice dial friends, especially while driving.

But you don’t have to use only the callee’s name; you can use their nickname as well. Although you might not admit it, you’ve probably looked at the Caller ID on your ringing phone and groaned at least once. You’re on the go when you find out, but you don’t want to wait until you get back to your desk to fire up i Tunes.

If you’re reading this, you will probably agree that the i Phone is one of the most useful devices currently on the market.

But there’s a lot more functionality than initially meets the eye.

When this happens, you can easily send the call directly to your voicemail. Here’s what you do: open the App Store app, go to the Featured tab, scroll to the bottom, and tap “Redeem.” Now, tap in that promo code. Within the i Pod app, in the bottom toolbar, you have four options and the “More button”; not new information.

Simply press the sleep button twice (once silences the ringer, the second cancels the call). But did you know that if you tap the edit button in the top left corner of the More menu, you can decide which options are on the toolbar?

You can make these super-easy to access by adding them to your home screen.

Simply tap the “ ” button in Safari and choose “Add to Homescreen.” Then, you can give it the desired label and save it.

If you’ve got misgivings, you can tap and hold that link.

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