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Sutherland: It was very moving for me to play a single mom.

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Sutherland: Just like the portrayals of mothers' lives, in all their complexities, hadn’t traditionally been fleshed out, neither had those of teenagers. was ahead of its time in celebrating the right to be different and to be loved and valued for who you are, even if it's outside of the mainstream.

How did the show change the portrayal of women on television?

It was a powerful combination and the right idea at the right time. Carpenter: It was a character that was an adolescent young woman assuming her destiny, and that's a powerful message. She made you think that if she could do all this then so could you. There was today can thank Joss Whedon and his brain for that.

Fury: Joss saw that there was a need for this feminist heroine at the time.

Often the men were defined by their relationship with the leading woman.

Even at the end of the series, Buffy stands there with her friends, but she's also standing there alone. For those who have fallen in love with Joss Whedon's cult vampire hit, the memory of meeting Sarah Michelle Gellar's Buffy (and Mr. Nobody really thought anything of this thing so putting us into warehouses in Santa Monica didn't seem like that big of a stretch.Pointy) are as vivid today as they were when it first premiered 20 years ago this week. Because everyone thought, "Well, how long would we be here? Twenty years ago, computer-generated images aren't what they are now, and time and money did not go nearly as far as they do now.It was this dark burgundy red T-shirt that had witchy looking Aztec symbols on it with sparkles.It was by this company called Fang and I was like, "It's Fang for, like, vampires!Trachtenberg: It showed that women can kick some f—ing ass!

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