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“I am right because Vogue says it is right.” A not-dissimilar point is made by former anorexic Hadley Freeman, Guardian columnist whose book, Be Awesome: Modern Life for Modern Ladies, is another to follow in Moran’s footsteps: “These images of ‘super-slim celebs’ had been irrelevant to me when I became ill,” she writes, “but, now that I was trying to recover, they fed into all my thoughts.” Freeman, of course, despises Jones, calling her “an anorexic minstrel, enacting the most inane and self-demeaning clichés about the illness.”It’s a statement that hints at why Jones is simultaneously so popular and so reviled: she “enacts,” with startling guilelessness, the culture’s most stereotypical, and some would say demeaning, manifestations of femininity.Calorie counting, beauty treatments, obsessing over elusive men, getting into debt to pay for Christian Louboutins, and even turning into the ultimate eccentric cat lady (she has 17 cats, as well as five dogs and three horses): Jones is a never ending chick lit novel writ large.They each had shiny Burberry totes at their toes, delivered that morning.”Jones is at her most entertaining when she’s in fashion-world whistleblower mode.

But among those consumers of Jones’s Mail on Sunday op-ed, “Liz Jones’ Diary” in the magazine supplement, and her regular fashion reports (“Does Pippa Dress In the Dark?

” “Save Us From the Jeans That Make Even Sienna Miller Look Chunky!

The ITV presenter laid everything bare on Susanna Reid’s Instagram page for a revealing selfie.

Susanna was marking her 47th birthday and chose to share the occasion with her 121,000 followers.

Even venerable interviewer Lynn Barber, who profiled Jones for the UK Sunday Times, gave a physical description unrestrained in its casual disdain: “She has long dyed witchy hair, thick black painted eyebrows, and an alarming chipmunk smile when she bares her dazzling veneers.

Her face is round and looks too big for her stick-like body …

The impetus for her lifetime of feminine self-flagellation, she reiterates throughout the book, was her conviction that she was profoundly unattractive.

“I wish someone had told me, not that I was beautiful because I know I’m not, but that I was normal and acceptable.

British journalist Liz Jones has an unqualified knack for raising media hackles on both sides of the Atlantic.

To Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams, Jones—longtime Daily Mail columnist, former editor in chief of Marie Claire, and, as of last month, sworn foe of Rihanna—is “a walking collection of pure, bona fide nonsense.” Jezebel, which for a while ran a regular feature entitled “Keeping Up With the Jones,” has variously labeled the 54-year-old writer “biggest crazypants in world,” “professional crank” and, simply, “noted troll.” And to many, Jones will forever be Jizz Loans, the nickname coined in November 2011 after she wrote about stealing a boyfriend’s sperm (from a used condom and to no avail, in case you were wondering).

These gifts are fully on display in Girl Least Likely To, an autobiography of sorts that traces the rueful course of the author’s self-loathing, from her deprived Essex beginnings as the youngest of seven siblings, to her teenage descent into the iron grip of anorexia, to her determined yet constantly precarious progress as a journalist.

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