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I hate to shatter dreams, but it really seems like that one's not going to happen. News that he thought dating a co-star was a bad idea.

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Porter in September that he refuses to date another co-star, like he did with Hayden Panettiere during their days.

After being asked what he learned from the experienced, he admitted, "Never do it again." Though, he looks at most everything as a learning experience.

Brown) and Egarian were hanging out at the Governors Ball, as well.

Reportedly, they ate alone together and "talked about how good the food was and he kissed her on the cheek." According to a witness at the party, "[Kelly] leaned over him while they chatted and later was sitting on his lap while she texted." They also reportedly slow danced together.

The 2017 Emmy Awards are coming up, and I fully expect them to be mostly trash that gives awards to all the wrong people.

But there is one thing that this year's Emmy Awards will be good for, and that is gazing lovingly at Milo Ventimiglia's face."He’s wanted to be private about it because she’s not a celebrity.But this isn’t her first celebrity relationship — she also dated [*NSYNC alum] J. Chasez." in June, Ventimiglia was asked about Egarian, and he responded, "We won’t talk about it."He also doesn't like to be the center of attention, so it only makes sense that he doesn't want to discuss his personal life.Per the outlet, the supposed couple were getting their PDA on in the VIP lounge area at the Microsoft Theater, where the Emmys were held.On Monday, also reported that the Emmy-nominated actor (who graciously lost his category for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series to his co-star and friend Sterling K.The 40-year-old actor has secured a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama for his role as Jack Pearson on NBC's .

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