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Thrilled by a performance she sees at a fair, Sonora (Gabrielle Anwar) tries to land a spot as a daredevil who rides horses off of high dives.

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You never try to clip her wings, but sit with a calm and soothing presence when the flight gets too rocky.

Her roots are never firmly planted, her feet always ready for a new path. You stand beside her, never looking to lead or follow—you are simply her partner, her lover, her calm to a sometimes raging storm.

It's a film that should be required viewing for anyone who has ever cried out that the world owes them a living, because the message of `Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken,' directed by Steve Miner, is that `Life' isn't fair, but when the worst happens you have to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get on with it; nobody's going to do it for you.

It has something to do with a little thing called `pride,' and everything to do with the courage and tenacity it takes for someone to at least try to stand up when even the very hand of Fate seems bent on keeping them down.

You always embraced the wild, treasuring the rarity of a love like this.

You dared to love a wild hearted woman; in return you have a wild once-in-a-lifetime type of love.There's a very definite lesson to be learned from this story; a lesson of which many living in the world today would be well advised to take note.In 1932, the Great Depression is on, but times are even more trying for teenager Sonora Webster (Gabrielle Anwar), who after losing her parents is taken in by her aunt, only to be told that because of financial difficulties besetting her own family, Sonora must be given over to the state.Her beaming smile was the first thing that caught your eye.Or maybe it was the way she was covered in dirt and singing happily all on her own.I am sure many people said trying to love a wild-hearted woman is a waste: we are too strong-willed, too much for any man.

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