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Every time someone subscribed to her channel, it helped her build confidence.Her first channel was titled Arose186, which she later renamed to Arden Rose.They were just friends until they fell in love and began dating.

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Her You Tube channel reached 1 million subscribers in December 2014.

She and Will Darbyshire, another popular You Tuber, began a relationship in 2015.

Her videos have been viewed nearly a billion times.

She regularly updates her channel by posting weekly videos.

Thus, she liked to stay alone and read books, along with playing lots of video games.

Her closest friend in school was Kennedy, as she was the only one Arden could relate to. In High School she met Nicholas; the two loved gaming and got along immediately.

She is also an animal lover and is warm and caring towards people around her. Since she is fond of her brother, she grew up playing plenty of video games with him. She loves travelling and can speak fluently in French. She is closest to her brother and admired him all through her childhood and even today.

She also loves reading, and recalls her favorite childhood book to be ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ She is terrified of worms and hates any form of parasites. Whilegrowing up she was a tomboy and therefore didn’t fit in with the regular girls of her class, who spent most of their time talking about makeup and boys.

With the success of her first channel she began two other separate channels as well.

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