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If the medical waste is not handled properly you could face heavy fines.But even more importantly, proper policies and procedures need to be in place to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.This signature ensures the MOE that the owner is aware of the wells on their property.

For any test pit done with a mini excavator, our licensed excavator operator will dig a hole that is at least 4′ deep to follow requirements. This service is also used to build temporary roads to access the boreholes.

We are required by the Ministry of Environment (MOE), to tag and submit a water well record within 30 days after completing the drilling of a monitoring well or piezometer installation.

Our service provides safety and compliance with all local and national waste disposal regulations.

We are capable of managing any kind of waste management situation, but we a have a lot of clients in the medical field.

GIC Medical Waste Disposal is a leading waste management company in Windsor Ontario and Canada.

The proper management of regulated medical waste (also referred to as biohazardous waste, biomedical waste, sharps waste or infectious waste) generated in healthcare facilities is critical.That’s what you get when you are working with an experienced medical waste management company.We’ll provide the compliant systems and training to ensure regulatory compliance.This additional service is used to facilitate certain tasks.Sometimes a path needs to be created to access the boreholes.Of course, the same applies to all kinds of hazardous waste disposal and industrial waste disposal.

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