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Mumbai Film Academy is one of the best film institutes in India and is considered among the top ranking institution in world.

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He has played the male lead in the forthcoming new film ISHQ SAMUNDAR which is being premiered on 9th September in Allahabad, He had a brief chat with Ayyer Mohan. Even the audiences loved me in tbis role which was very intense and satisfied me very much as there were lots of shades in the character.

You even won an award for your performance in YE JEEVAN HAI . This was another gripping film with a social message.

‘Heal the world’ is a song dedicated to children living in countries facing wars from terrorism.

The lyrics in every possible way reflect the grievances that children suffer due to such conflicts and the way it hampers their growth and well being.

Their aim is to provide practical knowledge to students of their institute, beside theoretical knowledge. Brajesh Pandey, the founder & managing director of Mumbai Film Academy has worked as a sound recording engineer with top production houses since last 30 years and is very close to top producers, directors and music directors. Anil Chorasiya, the backbone of Mumbai Film Academy is a trained film maker & director who has made International Ad Films, Short Films, documentary & Hindi feature film.

The Faculty members of MFA are graduates from FTII, NSD.

The upcoming song is unique fuse of musical tunes and features the passion of young buds for the common aim of bringing harmony to the world.

Composed in a span of over six months with child prodigies all over the world completely through the internet, Maati Baani has inventively portrayed the simplicity and innocence of children which will no doubt be soul stirring.

Mumbai Film Academy has tie ups with many production houses in India & abroad who have provided placement to more than 1200 students of Mumbai Film Academy in last 15 years.

Banners like Yashraj Films, Vishesh films, Amir Khan productions, Dharma productions, Anurag Kashyap Films, Balaji Motion Pictures, Bhansali productionsand many more, including TV serial makers also have given break to their...

I have also taken part in many shows for Reliance Big Magic.

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