Freepornlivesex - Wpf binding not updating ui

As of writing, all properties except for the Text property, is updated as soon as the property changes (Property Changed), while the Text property is updated when focus on the destination element is lost (Lost Focus).Default is, obviously, the default value of the Update Source Trigger.

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In the previous article we saw how changes in a Text Box was not immediately sent back to the source.

Instead, the source was updated only after focus was lost on the Text Box.

The reason why it was so hard for me to pin this down is because the collections for the combos populated just fine, when I had my property changed event in my view model.

So, it was odd to me that I could do whatever I wanted to the collection and it was reflected in the UI, but I couldn't set values from the view model. I have been able to get my UI to work now, regardless of which way I set my value.

He codes in both C# and Java, and applies the lessons learned from each to the other.

By day, Michael is a solutions architect at Amerisource Bergen Specialty Group where he delivers high quality enterprise software in . By night, he writes mobile applications in Java for the Andriod platform.The other options are Property Changed, Lost Focus and Explicit.The first two has already been described, while the last one simply means that the update has to be pushed manually through to occur, using a call to Update Source on the Binding.For that reason, I have added a button next to the Text Box, which will update the source value on demand.In the Code-behind, you will find the Click handler, where we use a couple of lines of code to get the binding from the destination control and then call the Update Source() method on it.The second Text Box uses the Lost Focus value, which is actually the default for a Text binding.

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