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Haines sits at the northern end of the Inside Passage and is an important port of call for the Alaska Marine Highway System, whose ferries deposit RVers and other travelers in Haines en route to the Alaska Highway to the north.

It is one of the few communities in the region that is connected by road to Canada and the Alaska Highway.

In 2009 the Haines Highway, which follows the Chilkat River Valley 40 miles to the Canadian Border, was designated the Valley of the Eagles National Scenic Byway for the annual fall migration of bald eagles to the area.

Surrounded by the Tongass National Forest, the community becomes active during the summer when local businesses serve the commercial fishing fleet, and guests fill the sportfishing lodges.

Continue reading Located on Sitka Sound, the city of about 9,000 residents is marked by the picturesque remnants of its Russian heritage, including the onion-shaped domes and gold colored crosses of the beloved Saint Michael's Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

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Originally established as New Archangel, Sitka became the capital of Russian American in 1808.

When Russia sold Alaska to the United States on October 18, 1867, the transfer ceremony took place on Sitka’s Castle Hill.

The route extends from southeastern Alaska, in the United States, through western British Columbia, in Canada, to northwestern Washington state, in the United States.

Ships using the route can avoid some of the bad weather in the open ocean and may visit some of the many isolated communities along the route.

The Russians arrived by 1741 and in 1804 attacked a Tlingit fort.

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