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"I was drugged, I was very groggy, there were lots of people with guns, lots of young guys laughing and talking," she said.The images were widely circulated, shocking many in the country which suffers a high rate of criminal violence towards women.Police in the north-eastern region of Jharkhand reportedly arrested one man who had offered the girl alcohol and the two men who allegedly raped the girl have yet to be detained.

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“A minor girl who is already married, almost always with the consent of her parents, will not usually have the courage to go to the police or court and file a case against her husband,” said the BBC’s Geeta Pandey.

In 2015, there were more than 34,000 rape cases reported in the country, according to India’s National Crime Records Bureau.

Another violent rape of a young girl on a moving bus in Delhi caused global outrage in December 2012 – one of the rapists has already been released after he served time in a juvenile detention facility.

A teenager in Ireland who had consensual sex with a female the same age as him is reportedly facing charges of statutory rape.

Domestic abuse is even more widespread, affecting 40% of married women between the ages of 15 and 49, and 70% of child brides, according to government statistics cited by Reuters.

A group of Indian army personnel gang reportedly raped a 14-year-old girl on a train after forcing her to drink alcohol and following her to the toilet.

They robbed me, not just in material goods, but in a physical way." A police woman has now taken over the investigation since her predecessor was blamed for not taking the crime seriously enough. Now what I’m trying to find out is the extent of this rape, how many people were involved.

"She needs protection," said Cristina Bento, police chief for crimes against minors. "I want to collect all the evidence and present it to the prosecutors' office, so they can present a robust case and all involved can be condemned for the crime they committed." Meanwhile, police have issued photographs of several suspects and, backed by helicopters, dogs and armoured vehicles, raided the slum area of Rio de Janeiro where the attack is thought to have taken place.

There have also been comments, including death threats on social media, blaming the girl herself for the attack.

"It not only hurt me, it hurt my soul, because people judged me, tried to blame me for something which was not my fault.

The girl was on board the Howrah-Amritsar Express to Punjab but apparently entered the wrong carriage by mistake which was reserved for the army staff, according to Social workers found her unconscious on the train, after two men followed her to the toilet.

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