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If you don't care about gaming or you have a dedicated console, other streaming boxes are cheaper.

And that's why NVIDIA is undercutting the price of the SHIELD with a new model: the "SHIELD TV (with remote)." That's to say it only comes with the Bluetooth remote, but it doesn't have the gamepad controller.

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Somewhere along the line the sound output was changed (by my son) from being played through the second display (TV) to only play through the main AIO computer speakers system.

This has worked fine but now I need to change this back so that the computer plays its own sounds through the computer speakers and the second display monitor (TV) plays its sounds through its own speakers.

For something so tiny (you should really see how small it is), it does provide countless options for entertainment and I'd pick this Android TV box any day over other streaming set-top boxes or gaming consoles — as you might have guessed from our title choices, we're casual, albeit easily addicted, gamers.

But at $199.99, the SHIELD TV isn't easy to justify.

Right click on the Sound system tray icon (the speaker looking icon at the bottom right of your screen).

Select playback devices from the menu that pops up.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.The first problem sounded very familiar, and it is a repeat of one from 2015, where the runtime would simply not start, with no output.. Both problems can be traced to Fedora 26’s use of GCC version 7 (currently 7.0.1) To get the I have tested this with Fedora 26 – with GCC 7.0.1, and VMware 12.5.3, and it works..The current release schedule shows this version of Fedora will be released around June 2017, but – of course – this may well slip..If I go #2 (NVIDIA) and select PROPERTIES and then CONTROLLER INFORMATION PROPERTIES it shows it as DEVICE IS WORKING PROPERLYyep. I can watch & hear everything (I stream by XBMC to it) & the HDMI is the input (or I wouldn't have anything on it; there is no other input going in). I have put in a HDMI splitter so I get the picture on the bedroom TV too but same problem (obviously) - picture but no sound.

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